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New Books (Added January, 2014)

January 2014

Title Authorsort icon Added
Americanah :a novel Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Jan 2014
Uncharted :big data as a lens on human culture Erez Aiden Jan 2014
No turning back :one man's inspiring true story of courage, determination, and hope Bryan Anderson Jan 2014
The Mexican legal system :a comprehensive research guide Francisco Avalos Jan 2014
The accidental law librarian Anthony Aycock Jan 2014
Fail fast, fail often :how losing can help you win Ryan Babineaux Jan 2014
Restoring the lost constitution :the presumption of liberty Randy E. Barnett Jan 2014
The Sharia and Islamic public law in time of war and peace M. Cherif Bassiouni Jan 2014
A question of freedom :a memoir of survival, learning, and coming of age in prison R. Dwayne Betts Jan 2014
Regulating obesity? :government, society, and questions of health W.A. Bogart Jan 2014
The practical guide to humanitarian law Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier Jan 2014
Bioethics, medicine and the criminal law.Volume 3,Medicine and bioethics in the theatre of the criminal process Margaret Brazier Jan 2014
United States legal language and culture :an introduction to the U.S. Common Law System Teresa Brostoff Jan 2014
The boys in the boat :nine Americans and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics Daniel Brown Jan 2014
The heart of human rights Allen E. Buchanan Jan 2014
Establishing religious freedom :Jefferson's statute in Virginia Thomas E. Buckley Jan 2014
Voice and whistleblowing in organizations :overcoming fear, fostering courage and unleashing candour Ronald J. Burke (ed.) Jan 2014
Etched in sand :a true story of five siblings who survived an unspeakable childhood on Long Island Regina Calcaterra Jan 2014
Oxford readings in the Attic orators Edwin Carawan (ed.) Jan 2014
Defining the struggle :national organizing for racial justice, 1880-1915 Susan D. Carle Jan 2014
The trolley problem, or, would you throw the fat guy off the bridge? :a philosophical conundrum Thomas Cathcart Jan 2014
Remarkable creatures Tracy Chevalier Jan 2014
Research handbook on the economics of family law Lloyd R. Cohen (ed.) Jan 2014
Law and gender Joanne Conaghan Jan 2014
New technologies and human rights :challenges to regulation Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha (ed.) Jan 2014
Dalhuisen on transnational comparative, commercial, financial, and trade law J.H. Dalhuisen Jan 2014
The Japanese American cases :the rule of law in time of war Roger Daniels Jan 2014
Claire of the sea light Edwidge Danticat Jan 2014
Dwarf :a memoir Tiffanie DiDonato Jan 2014
Intimate associations :the law and culture of American families J. Herbie DiFonzo Jan 2014
The right to privacy in the light of media convergence :perspectives from three continents Dieter Dorr (ed.) Jan 2014
American story :a lifetime search for ordinary people doing extraordinary things Bob Dotson Jan 2014
Would you kill the fat man? :the trolley problem and what your answer tells us about right and wrong David Edmonds Jan 2014
Research handbook on the economics of antitrust law Einer Elhauge (ed.) Jan 2014
Law, state, and society in modern Iran :constitutionalism, autocracy, and legal reform, 1906-1941 Hadi Enayat Jan 2014
The classical liberal constitution :the uncertain quest for limited government Richard Allen Epstein Jan 2014
Bad acts :the racketeering case against the tobacco industry Sharon Y. Eubanks Jan 2014
Intellectual property and private international law J.J. Fawcett Jan 2014
Exploring masculinities :feminist legal theory reflections Martha Albertson Fineman (ed.) Jan 2014
Nuclear weapons counterproliferation :a new grand bargain Jack I. Garvey Jan 2014
The politics of the common law :perspectives, rights, processes, institutions Adam Gearey Jan 2014
The death of the income tax :a progressive consumption tax and the path to fiscal reform Daniel S. Goldberg Jan 2014
Legal emblems and the art of law :obiter depicta as the vision of governance Peter Goodrich Jan 2014
The bully pulpit :Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the golden age of journalism Doris Kearns Goodwin Jan 2014
Fundamentals of labor arbitration Jay E. Grenig Jan 2014
Case Preparation and Presentation :A Guide for Arbitration Advocates and Arbitrators Jay E. Grenig Jan 2014
Islam and English law :rights, responsibilities, and the place of Shari'a Robin Griffith-Jones (ed.) Jan 2014
Forests and climate change :the social dimensions of REDD in Latin America Anthony L. Hall Jan 2014
The world's strongest librarian :a memoir of Tourette's, faith, strength, and the power of family Joshua Hanagarne Jan 2014
Hanns and Rudolf :the true story of the German Jew who tracked down and caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz Thomas Harding Jan 2014
Research handbook on the economics of criminal law Alon Harel (ed.) Jan 2014
Indian Ocean slavery in the age of abolition Robert Harms (ed.) Jan 2014
Mastering corporations and other business entities Lee Harris Jan 2014
Legal transparency in dynastic China :the legalist-Confucianist debate and good governance in Chinese tradition John W. Head Jan 2014
The inheritor's powder :a tale of arsenic, murder, and the new forensic science Sandra Hempel Jan 2014
Transitional justice in the Asia-Pacific Renée Jeffery (ed.) Jan 2014
THE BOOK OF MATT:Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard Stephen Jimenez Jan 2014
What is a fair international society? :international law between development and recognition Emmanuelle Jouannet Jan 2014
Selected essays on the conflict of laws Friedrich K. Juenger Jan 2014
Freedom of artistic expression :essays on culture and legal censure Paul Kearns Jan 2014
Burial rites :a novel Hannah Kent Jan 2014
The assassination of the Archduke :Sarajevo, 1914, and the romance that changed the world Greg King Jan 2014
When doctors become patients Robert Klitzman Jan 2014
Am I my genes? :confronting fate and family secrets in the age of genetic testing Robert Klitzman Jan 2014
Gay and lesbian elders :history, law, and identity politics in the United States Nancy J. Knauer Jan 2014
Law librarianship in the digital age Ellyssa Kroski (ed.) Jan 2014
Television courtroom broadcasting :distraction effects and eye-tracking Paul Lambert Jan 2014
Hidden America :from coal miners to cowboys, an extraordinary exploration of the unseen people who make this country work Jeanne Marie Laskas Jan 2014
Climate change and international trade Rafael Leal-Arcas Jan 2014
Who votes now? :demographics, issues, inequality and turnout in the United States Jan E. Leighley Jan 2014
Deadly outbreaks :how medical detectives save lives threatened by killer pandemics, exotic viruses, and drug-resistant parasites Alexandra M. Levitt Jan 2014
Prometheus reimagined :technology, environment, and law in the twenty-first century Albert C. Lin Jan 2014
Allen Dulles, the OSS, and Nazi war criminals :the dynamics of selective prosecution Kerstin von Lingen Jan 2014
Owning the earth :the transforming history of land ownership Andro Linklater Jan 2014
Soft law governance :towards an integrated approach Haocai Luo Jan 2014
I am Troy Davis Jen Marlowe Jan 2014
Police taser utilization :the effect of policy change Michael E. Miller Jan 2014
Blinded by sight :seeing race through the eyes of the blind Osagie K. Obasogie Jan 2014
Congressional procedures and the policy process Walter J. Oleszek Jan 2014
Minds, brains, and law :the conceptual foundations of law and neuroscience Michael S. Pardo Jan 2014
Stonehenge, a new understanding :solving the mysteries of the greatest stone age monument Michael Parker Pearson Jan 2014
War crimes and the conduct of hostilities :challenges to adjudication and investigation Fausto Pocar (ed.) Jan 2014
Careers in international law :a guide to career paths in international law : a resource of the American Society of International Law D. Wes Rist Jan 2014
Shaman Kim Stanley Robinson Jan 2014
Those damned immigrants :America's hysteria over undocumented immigration Ediberto Román Jan 2014
Financing Medicaid :federalism and the growth of America's health care safety net Shanna Rose Jan 2014
The gift of adversity :the unexpected benefits of life's difficulties, setbacks, and imperfections Norman E. Rosenthal Jan 2014
The OIC, the UN, and counter-terrorism law-making :conflicting or cooperative legal orders? Katja Samuel Jan 2014
Outlawry, governance, and law in medieval England Melissa Sartore Jan 2014
Customary international law in times of fundamental change :recognizing Grotian moments Michael P. Scharf Jan 2014
Regulating dispute resolution :ADR and access to justice at the crossroads Felix Steffek (ed.) Jan 2014
Disaster and sociolegal studies Susan Sterett (ed.) Jan 2014
Class, mass, and collective arbitration in national and international law Stacie Strong Jan 2014
The development of international law by the International Court of Justice Christian J. Tams (ed.) Jan 2014
Civil procedure Larry L. Teply Jan 2014
A three dog life Abigail Thomas Jan 2014
New wars and new soldiers :military ethics in the contemporary world Paolo Tripodi (ed.) Jan 2014
Global features of constitutional law F. Venter Jan 2014
Rethinking the New York Convention :a law and economics approach Shen Wei Jan 2014
Teaching law :justice, politics, and the demands of professionalism Robin West Jan 2014

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