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New Books (Added April, 2014)

April 2014

Titlesort icon Author Added
"Non-Germans" under the Third Reich :the Nazi judicial and administrative system in Germany and occupied Eastern Europe with special regard to occupied Poland, 1939-1945 Diemut Majer Apr 2014
A race so different :performance and law in Asian America Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson Apr 2014
Achieving democracy :the future of progressive regulation Sidney A. Shapiro Apr 2014
Alternative ways to ius commune :the Europeanisation of private law Anne L.M. Kierse (ed.) Apr 2014
American exceptionalism, the French exception, and digital media law Lyombe Eko Apr 2014
American tax resisters Romain Huret Apr 2014
Arbitration of international business disputes :studies in law and practice William W. Park Apr 2014
Baseball on trial :the origin of baseball's antitrust exemption Nathaniel Grow Apr 2014
Bridging distances in technology and regulation Ronald Leenes (ed.) Apr 2014
Central issues in jurisprudence :justice, laws, and rights N.E. Simmonds Apr 2014
Civil rights in American law, history, and politics Austin Sarat (ed.) Apr 2014
Code of international criminal law and procedure :Larcier law, annotated 2013 Paul de Hert (ed.) Apr 2014
Coercive care :rights, law and policy Bernadette McSherry (ed.) Apr 2014
Complementarity in the line of fire :the catalysing effect of the international criminal court in Uganda and Sudan Sarah M.H. Nouwen Apr 2014
Computer forensics :cybercriminals, laws, and evidence Marie-Helen Maras Apr 2014
Conflict of laws within the UK Kristy J. Hood Apr 2014
Confronting commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors in the United States Ellen Wright Clayton (ed.) Apr 2014
Constitutions, security, and the rule of law Sudha Setty (ed.) Apr 2014
Contemporary intellectual property :law and policy Charlotte Waelde Apr 2014
Cross-border class actions :the European way Arnaud Nuyts (ed.) Apr 2014
Culling the masses :the democratic origins of racist immigration policy in the Americas David FitzGerald Apr 2014
Dirty assets :emerging issues in the regulation of criminal and terrorist assets Colin King (ed.) Apr 2014
Down to the crossroads :civil rights, Black power, and the Meredith march against fear Aram Goudsouzian Apr 2014
Election law and democratic theory David A. Schultz Apr 2014
Every nonprofit's tax guide :how to keep your tax-exempt status & avoid IRS problems Stephen Fishman Apr 2014
Federalism :a reference guide to the United States Constitution Susan Low Bloch Apr 2014
Forensic Testimony :Science, Law and Expert Evidence C. Michael Bowers Apr 2014
Free and open source software :policy, law, and practice Noam Shemtov (ed.) Apr 2014
History of American land law David A. Thomas Apr 2014
Hybrid justice :the extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia John D. Ciorciari Apr 2014
Intellectual property, traditional knowledge and cultural property protection :cultural signifiers in the Caribbean and the Americas Sharon B. Le Gall Apr 2014
International commercial agreements and electronic commerce William F. Fox Apr 2014
International extradition :United States law and practice M. Cherif Bassiouni Apr 2014
International sales law Ingeborg H. Schwenzer Apr 2014
Islamic finance :a practical guide Rahail Ali (ed.) Apr 2014
Jurisprudence Suri Ratnapala Apr 2014
Justice among nations :a history of international law Stephen C. Neff Apr 2014
Law and development of middle-income countries :avoiding the middle-income trap Randall Peerenboom (ed.) Apr 2014
Law of electronic commercial transactions :contemporary issues in the EU, US and China Faye Fangfei Wang Apr 2014
Make it stick :the science of successful learning Peter C. Brown Apr 2014
Military criminal justice :practice and procedure David A. Schlueter Apr 2014
National security and free speech :the debate since 9/11 Christopher M. Finan (ed.) Apr 2014
Objections at trial Myron H. Bright Apr 2014
Petroleum, industry, and governments :a study of the involvement of industry and governments in exploring for and producing petroleum Bernard Taverne Apr 2014
Philosophical foundations of discrimination law Deborah Hellman (ed.) Apr 2014
Practitioner's handbook on international commercial arbitration Frank-Bernd Weigand (ed.) Apr 2014
Sharia in Africa today :reactions and responses John Chesworth (ed.) Apr 2014
Showing remorse :law and the social control of emotion Richard Weisman Apr 2014
Social media :legal risk and corporate policy Adam I. Cohen Apr 2014
Social-ecological resilience and law Ahjond S. Garmestani (ed.) Apr 2014
The anthropology of law Fernanda Pirie Apr 2014
The bill of the century :the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act Clay Risen Apr 2014
The complete (but unofficial) guide to the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Jorg Risse (ed.) Apr 2014
The cosmopolitan First Amendment :protecting transborder expressive and religious liberties Timothy Zick Apr 2014
The emergence of the European human rights law :an essay on judicial creativity Dragoljub Popović Apr 2014
The fair and equitable treatment standard :a guide to NAFTA case law on Article 1105 Patrick Dumberry Apr 2014
The idea of arbitration Jan Paulsson Apr 2014
The jurists :a critical history James Gordley Apr 2014
The law of the executive branch :presidential power Louis Fisher Apr 2014
The law of the sea and the polar regions :interactions between global and regional regimes Erik J. Molenaar (ed.) Apr 2014
The law of waiver, variation, and estoppel Sean Wilken Apr 2014
The master of confessions :the making of a Khmer Rouge torturer T. Cruvellier Apr 2014
The new terrain of international law :courts, politics, rights Karen J. Alter Apr 2014
The parties in court :American political parties under the Constitution Robert C. Wigton Apr 2014
The politics of justifying force :the Suez crisis, the Iraq War, and international law Charlotte Peevers Apr 2014
The president as commander in chief :an essay in constitutional vision Jefferson Powell Apr 2014
The rise of transparency in international arbitration :the case for the anonymous publication of arbitral awards Alberto Malatesta (ed.) Apr 2014
The spirit of corporate law :core principles of corporate law in continental Europe Gunter H. Roth Apr 2014
The structures of law and literature :duty, justice, and evil in the cultural imagination Jeffrey Miller Apr 2014
The Supreme Court and military justice Jonathan Lurie Apr 2014
The transformation of intergovernmental satellite organisations :policy and legal perspectives Patricia K. McCormick (ed.) Apr 2014
Tolerating intolerance :the price of protecting extremism Amos N. Guiora Apr 2014
Towards the single employment contract :comparative reflections Giuseppe Casale Apr 2014
Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation :public international law 1864-1950 Sunil Salankey Rao Apr 2014
Treasure State Justice :Judge George M. Bourquin, defender of the rule of law Arnon Gutfeld Apr 2014
Waking from the dream :the struggle for civil rights in the shadow of Martin Luther King Jr. David L. Chappell Apr 2014
Whales and elephants in international conservation law and politics :a comparative study Ed Couzens Apr 2014
Who will care when you're not there? :estate planning for pet owners Robert E. Kass Apr 2014

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