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New Books (Added May, 2014)

May 2014

Titlesort icon Author Added
A different perspective on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Chinyere Ogbonna May 2014
A short introduction to the common law Geoffrey Samuel May 2014
Abuse of discretion :the inside story of Roe v. Wade Clarke D. Forsythe May 2014
Abusing donor intent :the Robertson family's epic lawsuit against Princeton University Douglas E. White May 2014
Access to justice in environmental matters :a socio-economic analysis Michael Faure (ed.) May 2014
Administrative law in Europe :between common principles and national traditions Matthias Ruffert May 2014
Adventure and the law Cecil C. Kuhne May 2014
America's forgotten constitutions :defiant visions of power and community Robert L. Tsai May 2014
An introduction to labor law Michael Evan Gold May 2014
Animal cruelty :a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Mary P. Brewster May 2014
Animal cruelty and freedom of speech :when worlds collide Abigail Perdue May 2014
Are we all scientific experts now? H.M. Collins May 2014
Assessing the effectiveness of international courts Yuval Shany May 2014
Balancing constitutional rights :the origins and meanings of postwar legal discourse J. Bomhoff May 2014
Biopatent law :European vs. US patent law Ulrich Storz May 2014
Bookmarks :a manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education Ellie Keen May 2014
Bottlenecks :a new theory of equal opportunity Joseph Fishkin May 2014
Business innovation and the law :perspectives from intellectual property, labour, competition and corporate law Marilyn Pittard May 2014
Business torts and unfair competition handbook A. Michael Ferrill (ed.) May 2014
Capital in the twenty-first century Thomas Piketty May 2014
Carbon politics and the failure of the Kyoto Protocol Gerald Kutney May 2014
Charter of the United Nations :together with scholarly commentaries and essential historical documents Ian Shapiro May 2014
Choice of venue in international arbitration Michael Ostrove May 2014
Choice-of-court agreements under the European and International Instruments :the Revised Brussels I Regulation, the Lugano Convention, and the Hague Convention Trevor C. Hartley May 2014
Christian law contemporary principles Norman Doe May 2014
Civil rights litigation :representing plaintiffs today Rebecca A. Taylor May 2014
Cloud computing law Christopher Millard May 2014
Coaching for attorneys :improving productivity and achieving balance Cami McLaren May 2014
College of Commercial Arbitrators guide to best practices in commercial arbitration James M. Gaitis (ed.) May 2014
Comparative perspectives on adult guardianship A. Kimberley Dayton (ed.) May 2014
Competition of legal systems and harmonization of European private law :new paths in a comparative perspective Guido Alpa May 2014
Constitutional secularism in an age of religious revival Susanna Mancini (ed.) May 2014
Contract II :general provisions, delivery of goods, package travel and payment services Acquis Group May 2014
Criminal law and criminal procedure law in the People's Republic of China :commentary and legislation Jianfu Chen May 2014
Current issues in the CISG and arbitration Ingeborg Schwenzer (ed.) May 2014
Cybersecurity :shared risks, shared responsibilities Peter M. Shane May 2014
Daily life in the United States, 1920-1940 :how Americans lived through the "Roaring Twenties" and the Great Depression David E. Kyvig May 2014
Data privacy law :an international perspective Lee A. Bygrave May 2014
Democracy, electoral systems, and judicial empowerment in developing countries Vineeta Yadav May 2014
Do great cases make bad law? Lackland H. Bloom May 2014
Drafting and negotiating international commerical contracts :a practical guide F. Bortolotti May 2014
Economic diplomacy :Japan and the balance of national interests Maaike Okano-Heijmans May 2014
Embryos under the microscope :the diverging meanings of life Jane Maienschein May 2014
Europe and the spectre of post-growth society :debates at the Council of Europe schools of political studies 2012-2013 Piotr Świtalski May 2014
Fair deal for all clients :how to rekindle pride in the legal profession Gerald F. Phillips May 2014
Family law :jurisdictional comparisons James Stewart (ed.) May 2014
Fashion law :a guide for designers, fashion executives, and attorneys Guillermo C. Jimenez (ed.) May 2014
Fighting Westway :environmental law, citizen activism, and the regulatory war that transformed New York City William W. Buzbee May 2014
Fiqh al-aqalliyyat :history, development, and progress Said Fares Hassan May 2014
For discrimination :race, affirmative action, and the law Randall Kennedy May 2014
Free speech in an Internet era :papers from the free speech discussion forum Clive Walker May 2014
Freedom of speech :importing European and US constitutional models in transitional democracies Uladzislau Belavusau May 2014
General principles of EU law and European private law Ulf Bernitz (ed.) May 2014
Global health law Lawrence O. Gostin May 2014
Grammar, punctuation & style :a quick guide for lawyers and other writers Deborah E. Cupples May 2014
Health technologies and international intellectual property :a precautionary approach Phoebe Li May 2014
Hollow justice :a history of Indigenous claims in the United States David E. Wilkins May 2014
Human rights under state-enforced religious family laws in Israel, Egypt, and India Yüksel Sezgin May 2014
International arbitration :the coming of a new age? A.J. van den Berg (ed.) May 2014
International arbitration and corporate law :an OHADA practice Benoit Le Bars May 2014
International arbitration in Switzerland :a handbook for practitioners Elliott Geisinger (ed.) May 2014
International commercial arbitration and conciliation in UNCITRAL model law jurisdictions Peter Binder May 2014
International law and the future of freedom John H. Barton May 2014
International rule of law and professional ethics Vesselin Popovski (ed.) May 2014
Internet publishing perils and practices :a compass for content in the digital domain John P. Borger (ed.) May 2014
Journalism and justice in the Oklahoma City bombing trials Chad F. Nye May 2014
Jurisdiction and arbitration agreements in international commercial law Zheng Sophia Tang May 2014
Justice as attunement :transforming constitutions in law, literature, economics, and the rest of life Richard Dawson May 2014
Knowledge management and intellectual property :concepts, actors and practices from the past to the present Stathis Arapostathis May 2014
Landman's legal handbook :a practical guide to mineral leasing May 2014
Laws of the spirit :a Hegelian theory of justice Shannon Hoff May 2014
Lawyering for the rule of law :government lawyers and the rise of judicial power in Israel Yoav Dotan May 2014
Legal challenges in the global financial crisis :bail-outs, the Euro and regulation Wolf-George Ringe (ed.) May 2014
Legal interpretation in international commercial arbitration Joanna Jemielniak May 2014
Legal-lay communication :textual travels in the law Chris Heffer May 2014
Legislative approximation and application of EU law in the Eastern neighbourhood of the European Union :towards a common regulatory space? Peter Van Elsuwege (ed.) May 2014
Letters of note :an eclectic collection of correspondence deserving of a wider audience Shaun Usher May 2014
Litigating the nursing home case James T. O'Reilly May 2014
More than you wanted to know :the failure of mandated disclosure Omri Ben-Shahar May 2014
Offshore secrecy law E. Edward Siemens May 2014
Peopling the constitution John E. Finn May 2014
Piracy at Sea Maximo Q. Mejia (ed.) May 2014
Point made :how to write like the nation's top advocates Ross Guberman May 2014
Presumed dangerous :punishment, responsibility, and preventive detention in American jurisprudence Michael Louis Corrado May 2014
Preventing danger :new paradigms in criminal justice Michele Caianiello (ed.) May 2014
Principles of European Union law Ralph Haughwout Folsom May 2014
Privacy and media freedom Raymond Wacks May 2014
Proportionality in international law Michael A. Newton May 2014
Psychology, law, and the wellbeing of children Monica K. Miller (ed.) May 2014
Reforming the common European asylum system :legislative developments and judicial activism of the European Courts Samantha Velluti May 2014
Resolving claims to self-determination :is there a role for the International Court of Justice? Andrew Coleman May 2014
RFIDs, near-field communications, and mobile payments :a guide for lawyers Sarah Jane Hughes (ed.) May 2014
Rough justice :the International Criminal Court in a world of power politics David L. Bosco May 2014
Russia and the European Court of Human Rights :a decade of change; essays in honour of Anatoly Kovler, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in 1999-2012 Olga Chernishova (ed.) May 2014
Same-sex couples before national, supranational and international jurisdictions Daniele Gallo (ed.) May 2014
Sources of Islamic jurisprudence :justice and law in Islam Mahgoub El-Tigani Mahmoud May 2014
Standards of decision in law :psychological and logical bases for the standard of proof, here and abroad Kevin M. Clermont May 2014
Storm center :the Supreme Court in American politics David M. O'Brien May 2014
Supreme Court confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate :reconsidering the charade Dion Farganis May 2014
The art of advocacy in international arbitration Doak Bishop (ed.) May 2014
The articulate attorney :public speaking for lawyers Brian K. Johnson May 2014
The Chinese anti-monopoly law :new developments and empirical evidence Michael Faure May 2014
The crusade for equality in the workplace :the Griggs v. Duke Power story Robert K. Belton May 2014
The culturalization of human rights law Federico Lenzerini May 2014
The emergency sasquatch ordinance and other real laws that human beings actually dreamed up, enacted, and have sometimes even enforced Kevin Underhill May 2014
The EU's role in global governance :the legal dimension Bart Van Vooren (ed.) May 2014
The Eurozone crisis :a constitutional analysis Kaarlo Tuori May 2014
The foundations and future of financial regulation :governance for responsibility Mads Andenas May 2014
The Fourth Amendment :its history and interpretation Thomas K. Clancy May 2014
The fundamentals of counterterrorism law Lynne Zusman (ed.) May 2014
The history of global climate governance Joyeeta Gupta May 2014
The international sale of goods M.G. Bridge May 2014
The judicial role :statutory interpretation and the pragmatic judicial partner William D. Popkin May 2014
The law of development cooperation :a comparative analysis of the World Bank, the EU and Germany Philipp Dann May 2014
The laws of robots :crimes, contracts, and torts Ugo Pagallo May 2014
The leading arbitrators' guide to international arbitration Lawrence W. Newman May 2014
The Milosevic trial :an autopsy Timothy William Waters May 2014
The moral dimensions of intellectual property rights Steven Ang May 2014
The Oxford encyclopedia of Islam and politics Emad Eldin Shahin (ed.) May 2014
The privileges and immunities of international organizations in domestic courts August Reinisch May 2014
The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation David Brion Davis May 2014
The progeny :Justice William J. Brennan's fight to preserve the legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan Lee Levine May 2014
The rule of nobody :saving America from dead laws and broken government Philip K. Howard May 2014
The Scottsboro boys in their own words :selected letters, 1931-1950 Kwando M. Kinshasa May 2014
The transformation of European private law :harmonisation, consolidation, codification or chaos? James Devenney May 2014
The ultimate lawyer quote book :words of wisdom and humor Malcolm L. Kushner May 2014
The unfolding of American labor law :judges, workers, and public policy across two political generations, 1790-1850 Jeffrey Steven Kahana May 2014
The United Nations convention on jurisdictional immunities of States and their property :a commentary Roger O'Keefe May 2014
The unwinding :an inner history of the new America George Packer May 2014
Trademark protection and territoriality challenges in a global economy Irene Calboli May 2014
Understanding the CISG :a compact guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods Joseph M. Lookofsky May 2014
Weapons under international human rights law Stuart Casey-Maslen May 2014
When nature and nurture collide :early childhood trauma, adult crime, and the limits of criminal law Theodore Y. Blumoff May 2014
Women at law in early colonial Maryland Monica C. Witkowski May 2014
Women attorneys and the changing workplace :high hopes, mixed outcomes Phyllis Kitzerow May 2014
Women's global health :norms and state policies Lyn Boyd-Judson (ed.) May 2014
Workplace data :law and litigation Robert Sprague May 2014
Your fatwa does not apply here :untold stories from the fight against Muslim fundamentalism Karima Bennoune May 2014

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