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Global Health Research Guide

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There Are Three Research Steps in the Global Health Seminar Project:

  1. Find a country and a human rights-related health law issue of significance in that country.
  2. Investigate the health issue to the extent that you can explain how it impacts society.
  3. Look for national and international human rights law, environmental law, and possibly trade law to figure out a way of arguing that the country has a legal obligation to fix the medical issue.


1. Find a Country and a Human Rights-related Health Law Issue of Significance in That Country.

Country Studies


Research Reports

2. Investigate the Health Issue to the Extent That You Can Explain How It Impacts Society.

Medical Journal Databases

Find books in the RA 441 Call # range at the medical library.


Public Policy & Social Science Sources


Government Agencies and Nongovernmental Organizations


3. Look for National and International Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, and Possibly Trade Law to Figure out a Way of Arguing That the Country Has a Legal Obligation to Fix the Medical Issue.


QUIZ presented in the research lesson.

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