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Global Health Research Quiz

1.Which of the following organizations recently published a 40-page report titled Bypassing health providers : the quest for better price and quality of health care in Chad ?

A. World Health Organization
B. World Bank
C. Croix Rouge du Tchad


2. In which of the following databases would you expect to find a scholarly article titled The Relationship of Immigrant Status With Access, Utilization, and Health Status for Children With Asthma?

A. Scopus
B. Public Affairs Information Service
C. Legal Trac


3. Which of the following U.S. agencies operates a Health Policy Reform program as part of its global health initiative?

A. U.S. Agency on International Development
B. U.S. Food and Drug Administration
C. U.S. Centers for Disease Control


4. If you wanted to find United Nations research about violence, which source would you look in?

A. UNBISnet (Bibliographic Information System)
B. UN Treaty Collection
C. Site search in Google


5. To read about the rights of the mentally ill in Australia, which of these sources would you look in first?

A. EISIL (Electronic Information System for International Law)
B. Foreign Law Guide
C. Worldlii (World Legal Information Institute)


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