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Private International Law Research

Private international law is the law made by separate governments agreeing to recognize and enforce transactions made between citizens of their separate countries.

State Department Guide - Link to documents and explanations of how the U.S. supports private cross-border transactions through international law.

ASIL Guide - A thorough explanation and research guide.

EISIL Guide - Links to treaties and reliable Web research sources.

CISG Library - Unilex - Cases and scholarly analysis about the Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

Kluwer Arbitration Online - Secondary sources, rules, and artibtration summaries from tribunals all over the world.

UNCITRAL - Organization that makes model business laws for national governments to implement or adapt. This organization also provides arbitration rules that parties can opt to use when resolving transnational disputes.

Int'l Inst. Private Law (UNIDROIT) - Organization that works to harmonize international private law by forming new agreements to fill gaps between existing agreements.

Hague Conference on Priv. Int. Law - Organization that convenes sessions to create cooperative agreements between governments.


Hague Academy Collected Courses - Scholarly investigations of private international law theories and specialized subjects.


Organization of American States- CIDIP - Organization that coordinates private international law agreements in the Western Hemisphere.


Trans-Lex - University of Cologne's links to many countries' contract laws, outline of private international law principles, bibliography, glossary, and more.

If any of these resources ask you for a user name and password, log-in to with your Pitt user name and password and look for the source in the University's database list. If you still can't get in, you will have to access it from a computer inside the law school building.

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