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New Titles from the Pennsylvania Bar Institute


The attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine in Pennsylvania: a desk reference   KFP541.3.A77 A44 2014

Defamation, libel and slander.   KFP197.D3 D44 2014

Defaults and remedies in commercial leases.   KFP117.3.A75 D45 2014

Employers’ obligations under the Affordable Care Act.   KF3605.A75 E46 2014

Hot topics in oil & gas law.   KFP258.A75 H68 2014

The law and literature: lessons for lawyers from the great works of literature   PN56.L33 C76 2014

Learning the art of negotiation.      KFP560.3.A75 L43 2014

The nuts & bolts of adoption practice in Pennsylvania.     KFP104.5.A75 N8 2014

The pain puzzle: putting the pieces together.     RB127 .P25 2014

Pennsylvania employment law deskbook.      KFP331.A45 P45 2014

Pennsylvania ethics handbook     KFP76.5.A2 P46 2014

Piercing the corporate veil.    KFP213.7.A75 P54 2014

Real estate 101: basic tools of the trade.      KFP126.A75 R48 2014

Real estate agent and broker liability                KFP282.R4 S65 2014

The role of indemnity and insurance in business litigation.   KFP193.B87 B88 2014

Snapshots of special education law.    KFP395.9.H3 S62 2014

The trial of a federal court case.     KF8915.Z9 T743 2014

U.S. Supreme Court roundup.      KF8741.A75 A66 2014

Uncovering digital evidence: mobile device forensics.       KF8902.E42 U52 2014

Where to incorporate-- : comparing Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.       KF1414.A2 W43 2014

Workplace investigations: a practitioner’s view.     HF5549.5.S45 T67 2014

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