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New Books

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Who will care when you're not there? :estate planning for pet owners Robert E. Kass Apr 2014
Whales and elephants in international conservation law and politics :a comparative study Ed Couzens Apr 2014
Waking from the dream :the struggle for civil rights in the shadow of Martin Luther King Jr. David L. Chappell Apr 2014
Treasure State Justice :Judge George M. Bourquin, defender of the rule of law Arnon Gutfeld Apr 2014
Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation :public international law 1864-1950 Sunil Salankey Rao Apr 2014
Towards the single employment contract :comparative reflections Giuseppe Casale Apr 2014
Tolerating intolerance :the price of protecting extremism Amos N. Guiora Apr 2014
The transformation of intergovernmental satellite organisations :policy and legal perspectives Patricia K. McCormick (ed.) Apr 2014
The Supreme Court and military justice Jonathan Lurie Apr 2014
The structures of law and literature :duty, justice, and evil in the cultural imagination Jeffrey Miller Apr 2014
The spirit of corporate law :core principles of corporate law in continental Europe Gunter H. Roth Apr 2014
The rise of transparency in international arbitration :the case for the anonymous publication of arbitral awards Alberto Malatesta (ed.) Apr 2014
The president as commander in chief :an essay in constitutional vision Jefferson Powell Apr 2014
The politics of justifying force :the Suez crisis, the Iraq War, and international law Charlotte Peevers Apr 2014
The parties in court :American political parties under the Constitution Robert C. Wigton Apr 2014
The new terrain of international law :courts, politics, rights Karen J. Alter Apr 2014
The master of confessions :the making of a Khmer Rouge torturer T. Cruvellier Apr 2014
The law of waiver, variation, and estoppel Sean Wilken Apr 2014
The law of the sea and the polar regions :interactions between global and regional regimes Erik J. Molenaar (ed.) Apr 2014
The law of the executive branch :presidential power Louis Fisher Apr 2014

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