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New Books

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The Twenty-fifth Amendment :its complete history and applications John D. Feerick Jun 2014
The Chinese anti-monopoly law :new developments and empirical evidence Michael Faure May 2014
Global perspectives on ADR Carlos Esplugues (ed.) Jun 2014
Judging the Boy Scouts of America :gay rights, freedom of association, and the Dale case Richard Ellis Jun 2014
Prosecuting the destruction of cultural property in international criminal law :with a case study on the Khmer Rouge's destruction of Cambodia's heritage Caroline Ehlert Jun 2014
Mastering evidence Ronald W. Eades Jun 2014
Swimming in deep water :lawyers, judges, and our troubled legal profession William Domnarski Jul 2014
The Virginia State Constitution John J. Dinan Jul 2014
The transformation of European private law :harmonisation, consolidation, codification or chaos? James Devenney May 2014
Justice as attunement :transforming constitutions in law, literature, economics, and the rest of life Richard Dawson May 2014
Surveillance, counter-terrorism and comparative constitutionalism Fergal Davis (ed.) Jun 2014
The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation David Brion Davis May 2014
The law of development cooperation :a comparative analysis of the World Bank, the EU and Germany Philipp Dann May 2014
Presidential legislation in India :the law and practice of ordinances Shubhankar Dam Jun 2014
Law and revolution in South Africa :uBuntu, dignity, and the struggle for constitutional transformation Drucilla Cornell Jun 2014
Sketches on legal style Mark Cooney Jun 2014
Jury nullification :the evolution of a doctrine Clay S. Conrad Jun 2014
Are we all scientific experts now? H.M. Collins May 2014
Resolving claims to self-determination :is there a role for the International Court of Justice? Andrew Coleman May 2014
Standards of decision in law :psychological and logical bases for the standard of proof, here and abroad Kevin M. Clermont May 2014

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