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New Books

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The Geneva consensus :making trade work for all Pascal Lamy Jun 2014
The good lawyer :seeking quality in the practice of law Douglas O. Linder Jun 2014
The international rule of law movement :a crisis of legitimacy and the way forward David Marshall (ed.) Jul 2014
The judicial role :statutory interpretation and the pragmatic judicial partner William D. Popkin May 2014
The language of murder cases :intentionality, predisposition, and voluntariness Roger W. Shuy Jun 2014
The law of development cooperation :a comparative analysis of the World Bank, the EU and Germany Philipp Dann May 2014
The leading arbitrators' guide to international arbitration Lawrence W. Newman May 2014
The legal side of blogging for lawyers Ruth Carter Jul 2014
The library beyond the book Jeffrey T. Schnapp Jul 2014
The little book of fitness law Cecil C. Kuhne Jul 2014
The logic of innovation :intellectual property, and what the user found there Johanna Gibson Jun 2014
The marriage buyout :the troubled trajectory of U.S. alimony law Cynthia Starnes Jun 2014
The Milosevic trial :an autopsy Timothy William Waters May 2014
The modern rules of business etiquette Donna Gerson Jul 2014
The modern rules of order Donald A. Tortorice Jul 2014
The moral dimensions of intellectual property rights Steven Ang May 2014
The neurobiology of criminal behavior :gene-brain-culture interaction Anthony Walsh Jul 2014
The philosophy of customary law James Bernard Murphy Jun 2014
The position of heads of state and senior officials in international law Joanne Foakes Jun 2014
The power of legal project management :a practical handbook Susan Raridon Lambreth Jul 2014

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