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New Books

Title Author Addedsort icon
International commercial agreements and electronic commerce William F. Fox Apr 2014
International extradition :United States law and practice M. Cherif Bassiouni Apr 2014
International sales law Ingeborg H. Schwenzer Apr 2014
Islamic finance :a practical guide Rahail Ali (ed.) Apr 2014
Jurisprudence Suri Ratnapala Apr 2014
Justice among nations :a history of international law Stephen C. Neff Apr 2014
Law and development of middle-income countries :avoiding the middle-income trap Randall Peerenboom (ed.) Apr 2014
Law of electronic commercial transactions :contemporary issues in the EU, US and China Faye Fangfei Wang Apr 2014
Make it stick :the science of successful learning Peter C. Brown Apr 2014
Military criminal justice :practice and procedure David A. Schlueter Apr 2014
National security and free speech :the debate since 9/11 Christopher M. Finan (ed.) Apr 2014
Objections at trial Myron H. Bright Apr 2014
Petroleum, industry, and governments :a study of the involvement of industry and governments in exploring for and producing petroleum Bernard Taverne Apr 2014
Philosophical foundations of discrimination law Deborah Hellman (ed.) Apr 2014
Practitioner's handbook on international commercial arbitration Frank-Bernd Weigand (ed.) Apr 2014
Sharia in Africa today :reactions and responses John Chesworth (ed.) Apr 2014
Showing remorse :law and the social control of emotion Richard Weisman Apr 2014
Social media :legal risk and corporate policy Adam I. Cohen Apr 2014
Social-ecological resilience and law Ahjond S. Garmestani (ed.) Apr 2014
The anthropology of law Fernanda Pirie Apr 2014

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