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KZ 6310 – International Criminal Court
K 5000’s - genocide / war crimes
KZ 1200’s – Rwanda, Sierra Leone & Yugoslavia tribunals
KZ 1100’s – Nuremberg tribunal

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Aisles 3-53 &3-54 hold books with and about foreign countries’ laws.

Tribunal Materials

Expect to find the scope of jurisdiction, treaty authority, procedural requirements, practice rules, and case records on an international criminal tribunal’s Web site.  All of these kinds of resources will be fundamental to your understanding and demonstrating the court’s unique operations. 

When you first visit a tribunal’s Web site, look for documents in which the tribunal describes itself and presents its work.  Read the “about us” page.  Poke through one or two of its annual reports.  Peruse its other publications.  Note if it has a list of links to related entities or sources. 

Because tribunals often publish their materials in chronological order rather than subject order, take advantage of their “news” or “press releases” collections to find out when there was action on particular topics or in certain cases.

To efficiently search for combined topics and phrases within a tribunal’s official site follow this pattern using Google: “ethnic cleansing”

Journal Articles

To see the kinds of research questions that others have raised and to figure out what has not been investigated, look through scholarly legal articles.

Particularly Relevant Journals

Look for these on the 5th floor or electronically via

  • Journal of International Criminal Justice
  • Leiden Journal of International Law
  • International Criminal Law Review
  • American Journal of International Law
  • European Journal of International Law
  • Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

Reports and Other Analysis

When you need to establish facts about the substantive, jurisdictional, or procedural issue and the issue’s effects on society, look to these sources of quantitative and analytical research.

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