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Quick Tips for Research Papers

  • To search within an entity’s Web site, conduct a Google site search.  This way, you can find documents that aren’t necessarily listed on the site.  Put site: before the organization’s url and then leave a space before writing your search terms. search words  
  • When constructing search engine queries combine phrases in quotation marks with unique names or terms.
    rape “war crime” tribunal
  • Use Clusty to see search results divided into categories.
  • When you learn about a particular journal article, search for the journal title (not the article title) in PittCat to see which campus library owns it and to link directly to any electronic versions available through the University.
  • Lots of non-law journals have valid applicable material and numerous law journals are embedded in non-law specific databases.  So look through the University’s A-Z subscriptions list of databases or else the University’s list of e-journals.  Both are available at the “find articles” link on
    international criminal
  • Dissertations can be a good source of obscure documents which are attached as appendices.  (This is because doctoral students conduct field research.)
  • To access Pitt subscriptions from off-campus, go to and log-in with your Pitt user name and password.  Click on the University Library System link.  Then you’ll usually want to click on “find articles.”

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