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David Harris Compares Expert Affidavits in Jordan Miles Civil Rights Case

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January 12, 2012

Professor David Harris compared the affidavits submitted by experts for plaintiff Jordan Miles and the Pittsburgh Police Bureau in the civil rights case stemming from a deadly encounter two years ago.  Miles, then an honor student at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School, was badly beaten during an arrest by three undercover Pittsburgh police officers who chased Miles because they thought he had a gun.  In fact, no weapon was present.  The expert for the Police Bureau said that the officers could not and would not have made the mistake of failing to identify themselves, as Miles contended; the expert for Miles disagreed.  More important, Miles' expert factored into his opinion the testimony of the supervisor of the officers, something the Police Bureau's expert inexplicably left out.  In the supervisor's testimony, she identified disciplinary problems with all three officers.  In one of those disciplinary cases against one of the officers, the officer was found to have been untruthful.  According to Professor Harris, lack of truthfulness is potentially devastating because "this case will turn on the credibility of the witnesses."


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