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David Harris on "The Gammage Project" and Fifteen Years of Police/Community Relations in Pittsburgh

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January 24, 2012

Professor David Harris spoke as part of a panel about the Pittsburgh Rep's upcoming play, "The Gammage Project." The panel discussion, at the Charity Randall Theatre on January 23, explored the state of police/community relations in Pittsburgh since the death of African American businessman Jonny Gammage at the hands of police in 1995.  In addition to Professor Harris, panelists included Tim Stevens of Black Political Empowerment Project, Elizabeth Pittinger of the Citizens Police Review Board, Wayne Babish, former chief of police in Brentwood, and Brandi Fisher of the Alliance for Police Accountability.  "The Gammage Project" will run in Pittsburgh February 9 through 19 at the Henry Heymann Theatre, and March 2 through 4 at the August Wilson Center.


Panel discussion information here.


Information about "The Gammage Project" here.

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