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Is Pittsburgh Hip? Mike Madison Thinks It May Be

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January 18, 2012

Is Pittsburgh the new haven for the hipster crowd?  Pitt Law Professor Mike Madison offers his thoughts to the Post-Gazette. 


Is there a sense that the Pittsburgh hipster species - to the degree that he exists -- might be more authentic than those found in some other cities? Or does Pittsburgh mark some kind of post-hipster lifestyle -- but with all the hipster amenities -- to those who come here to pursue it?


"Looking at Pittsburgh, it's some of both," said Madison, who broached the issue of local hipsterdom on his blog, Pittsblog. "In some neighborhoods, [there's] clearly been an in-migration over the last several years of people from higher-cost locales, like New York. ... Then there are people who have just been living in Pittsburgh, in that style, for some time -- it was just how they lived. It wasn't a particular clique."


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