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Madison Comments on Copyright Infringement Charges

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January 6, 2012

Professor Michael Madison, an expert in copyright law, recently talked with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the copyright infringement charges brought against Cameron Jibril Thomaz, commonly known as Wiz Khalifa, by relatively unknown artist Max Gregory Warren.    

Madison comments, "The classic way [to prove an artist has heard a song] is that to say it was on the radio or some music channel or through iTunes. The second way is chain of custody: The mixtape got handed around the club somewhere, or one of Wiz's people knows someone at the club, so he got handed a physical copy, or maybe someone mailed the mixtape to someone's people. That kind of argument shows up a lot of the time in movie cases. You have to be pretty detailed, but once in a great while you can actually show chain of custody."


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