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Assistant Professor Charles Jalloh Co-Publishes The Law Reports of the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Publish Date/Time: 
January 29, 2013


In November 2012, the first two-part book set of The Law Reports of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, covering the seminal first cases Prosecutor v. Alex Tamba Brima, Ibrahim Bazzy Kamara and Santigie Borbor Kanu (the so-called “AFRC Case”) was published by renowned Dutch international law publisher Martinus Nijhoff Brill. The President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Justice Jon Kamanda, wrote the foreword to kick-off the series initiated by Charles Jalloh and co-edited with Simon Meisenberg. Among other things, Justice Kamanda described the comprehensive 2,200 page work “as a monumental achievement”. This is the first attempt to record the entire jurisprudential legacy of the UN-Sierra Leone Tribunal, and by the time it is completed in two years, will total about 14 books constituting the entirety of the 11-year Court’s judicial legacy for international criminal law. Hundreds of opinions and previously unpublished public documents of historic importance are included in an accompanying CD-ROM. The foreword and link to additional reviews are available here.

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