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John Burkoff, Robert Cindrich, ’68, on Grand Jury’s Meeting with Businessman in Investigation of Police Chief

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January 23, 2013

Pitt Law Professor John Burkoff and former U.S. Attorney and Federal Judge Robert Cindrich, a Pitt Law alum, commented on the meeting that took place Tuesday between the grand jury investigating Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper and businessman Art Bedway, who is being indicted on charges he conspired with a former city employee and others, setting up a shell company to win a contract to install computers in city police vehicles. The jury is investigating whether Harper, a “former friend” of Bedway’s, was involved. “[Bedway’s appearance before the grand jury] suggests there’s some possibility at least that he’s cooperating with the investigation,” said Burkoff.

Cindrich said the two sides likely worked out a deal before the prosecutor subpoenaed Bedway. “The only way I can see that it can possibly make any sense is that he‘s cut a deal,” he said. “There‘s just no way you could subpoena them unless you‘ve worked it out with their counsel.”

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