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January 2, 2014

Reading assignment for first class – Tuesday, 1/7

In Weisberg & Appleton, Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials (5th ed. 2013), please read the following:

  • pp. 346-350 (U.S. Dept of Agriculture v. Moreno, through n. 4); 354-360 (Moore v. East Cleveland); and 402-404 & 408-410 (nn. 1-7) (Braschi v. Stahl Assoc.)

Also read Natalie Angier, “The Changing American Family,” New York Times, 11/25/13 (posted on the Family Law course TWEN site, under “Course Materials – other readings…”)

In reading these materials, you should consider the following questions:  From a legal perspective, what does “family” mean?  Who decides what the legal definition of “family” or “family member” is? What kinds of challenges do the changes in family forms described in the Angier article pose for family law?

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