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May 2014 Graduation

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January 9, 2014

Students who are scheduled to graduate in May 2014 can begin to submit graduation applications to the Law School Registrar’s Office. The deadline for submitting applications without a late fee is January 17, 2014 at 3:00 P.M.

All May graduates (JD, LLM, and MSL) must complete an Application for Graduation. This form is required by the University for any student to graduate. If you are a certificate student, you must write which Certificate Program you are in at the top of the Application for Graduation Form so we can include that information in the application process.

Joint degree students must indicate their joint degree at the top of the form.  Joint Degree students must also apply for graduation at the other school where they are pursuing their joint degree in order to be awarded the degree from that school in addition to the JD degree. If you do not apply at both schools, you will not graduate.

All JD students are also required to download the Graduation Requirements Checklist from the Law School Registrar's web page, complete it and submit it with your Application for Graduation.

Graduation Requirements and the Graduation Requirements Checklist are on the Law School Registrar's web page.  There is also a link near the bottom of the page to the University Registrar’s website which contains the Graduation Application that you will also need to download, complete and submit to the Law School Registrar’s Office:  The graduation term that will need to be noted on the form is 2144.

You should use PeopleSoft to assist you in completing the graduation requirements checklist. To access that information, you need to login to your Student Center in My Pitt ( and click on “My Academics”, then click on “View my advisement report” to view your degree progress. You will notice that a lot of the detail is on the system for both the JD requirements as well as the certificate programs.  You may also find things that you have questions about that may appear to be a discrepancy.   You can compare the information on your advisement report to the information on the Law School website for graduation to determine that you have met the requirements for graduation.  If you have any questions, please contact the Law School Registrar’s Office. If you are enrolled in a certificate program, you can also use the requirements information that is in PeopleSoft to assist you in determining if your certificate program requirements have been met.

There is no charge to apply for graduation.  However, if you do not submit the necessary paperwork by the deadline, the University will assess escalating fees for to apply for graduation after the deadline has passed.  The University will begin assessing late fees of $15.00 starting January 20th.  At that time a check or money order for $15.00 must accompany your application.  

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