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John Burkoff Comments on High Dollar Amount Bonds

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February 4, 2014

Professor John Burkoff was mentioned in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article and a Toledo Blade article about the one-million dollar bond set for an accused person who killed a police dog. Realistically, a bond set at $1 million, said Burkoff, is the same as denying bond.

“Bail is supposed to be used strictly to ensure that the accused shows up for judicial proceedings,” Mr. Burkoff said. “Bail of $1 million is unusually high, even in a homicide case. Effectively, for most people, it’s the equivalent of no bail at all because most people can’t arrange for that kind of bond.”

Burkoff also said he would expect that the amount would be lowered.

Read the full Toledo Blade article here and the full Post-Gazette article here.   


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