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David Harris on Order of Prosecution Evidence in Orie Re-trial

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March 6, 2012

Professor David Harris commented on the order of the evidence in the prosecution's case in the re-trial of State Senator Jane Orie.  In the first case, the key witnesses against Orie in the political corruption case were presented last.  This time, they have been presented first, and it is expected that key witnesses on the forgery and fraud counts that have been added to the case will be presented last.  Professor Harris explained that trial lawyers want to begin and end their cases with strong evidence, and that the additional fraud charges are particularly strong in the re-trial.  "With the addition of the perjury and fraud counts, the [re-trial] has a different complexion" than the first trial did, Professor Harris said.  "The way things look now, prosecutors have this whole accompanying story" of a cover up, which is such strong evidence they want to end their case with it.  


See the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story here.  

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