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David Harris on Orie Staff Members Testifying About Political Work

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March 12, 2012

Professor David Harris commented on the presentation of multiple prosecution witnesses in the case against State Senator Jane Orie.  All of the witnesses have been members of Orie's staff; all have testified that Senator Orie ordered them to take part in political activities on government time.  This follows testimony from Orie's former chief of staff, Jamie Pavlot, who gave extensive and damning evidence against Orie under a grant of immunity.  According to Professor Harris, bringing in the other witnesses is a way for the prosecution to counter defense attacks against Pavlot.  "(Pavlot) has an immunity deal, so her credibility will be an issue.  (The prosecution wants to show) this isn't just about the credibility of Jamie, that you can't simply dismiss these allegations as the actions of one self-interested witness."  

Read the Tribune-Review story here.  

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