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Civil Litigation Certificate Program: Priority Registration for Small Skills Classes: March 18-21

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March 7, 2013

Civil Litigation Certificate

Priority Registration for Small Skills Classes: March 18-March 21
Students enrolled currently in the Gismondi Civil Litigation Certificate Program have the opportunity to obtain priority registration for the certificate’s small skills classes. After the initial enrollment period, non-certificate students will have the opportunity to enroll in these classes as well. If you are currently enrolled in the certificate and interested in signing up for any of the certificate small skills classes for Fall 2013, you must obtain a permission number prior to registering. This is a two-step process:
1. Come over to the Clinic offices (Ste 5220 Sennott Square) to sign up for permission numbers on the days indicated above. You must already be enrolled in the certificate program. You must sign the list for each class for which you would like a permission number (there are separate lists for each class). These classes are limited enrollment (limited to 12 students) and, by receiving a permission number, you will have priority in registration, but not a guarantee. During the initial enrollment period, registration in these classes will be limited to those with permission numbers. Your permission number expires at the end of the initial enrollment period (before add/drop); if you do not use your number by then, you will not receive priority enrollment.
2. To obtain your permission number you may contact Jaime Horensky ( in the Registrar’s office after March 21st. She will review the lists provided by me before providing you with a permission number. You must contact her to obtain the numbers; she will not assign you permission numbers unless she hears from you.
Permission to enroll after the initial enrollment period is handled by the Registrar’s Office.
The classes that require permission numbers are:
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