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Civil Litigation Certificate Small Skills Classes

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March 18, 2014

Civil Litigation Certificate Students: 

Please be advised that priority sign up for the 4 small skills classes will occur from Monday March 17th through noon on Friday March 21st.  Please check the course descriptions for any pre-requisites (some of the classes may be limited to 3Ls).   You must be enrolled in the Certificate to take advantage of priority registration.   The classes priority sign up applies to are:

Expert Witness

Advanced Trial Evidence

Litigation Strategy & Planning

Pretrial Practice: Pleadings & Discovery

Sign up lists will be available in the Clinic offices (5220 SNSQ) starting at 8 am on Monday March 17th.    You may sign up for as many of these classes you want to enroll in for next semester.  Please indicate your class year when you sign up.  Once the priority registration period has ended, your names will be transmitted to the Registrar’s office, which will provide you with a  “permission number” that will allow you to enroll in these classes on-line during the law school class registration period.  The permission number will expire at the end of the initial law school registration period (the registration appointment period).  After that, if there are spaces available, registration will be open to non-certificate students (who will obtain a course permission number at that time from the Registrar).

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