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David Harris on Arizona v. U.S., Case Testing State Immigration Powers

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April 29, 2012

Professor David Harris discussed the Supreme Court arguments in Arizona v. U.S., in which the Court will decide whether federal law pre-empts any attempts by a state to enforce immigration law.  In a column on Pitt's JURIST web site, Professor Harris said that the real and intended impact of the law was to use fear and intimidation to force Latino immigrants to leave.  Read Professor Harris's JURIST column here.  

Professor Harris was also quoted in's story on the case, explaining why state and local police in Arizona and across the nation do not favor laws that force them to engage in immigration enforcement.  According to Professor Harris, the police need the help of all residents in immigrant communities, legal or not, in order to control crime.  Police leaders across the country know that "if they get sucked into enforcement of immigration law, those important relationships are in jeopardy."   See the story here.

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