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David Harris Joins ABA National Task Force on "Stand Your Ground" Laws

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April 17, 2013

Professor David Harris has joined the American Bar Association's National Task Force on "Stand Your Ground" Laws.  The ABA formed the Task Force "to review and analyze the recently enacted state 'Stand Your Ground' laws that have received increased attention for their apparent adverse impact on public safety and the criminal justice system."  According to the ABA, "Stand Your Ground" laws are "a group of recently enacted state statutes that have substantially expanded criminal and civil legal protections for the use of deadly force in self-defense."  These laws received wide public scrutiny last year after the death of Florida teenager Travon Martin; Florida has one of the first and most expansive "Stand Your Ground" laws in the U.S. The Task Force will gather and analyze statutes and data from across the country; it will begin its work with a series of public hearings in Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco.  The membership of the Task Force includes prosecutors, defense lawyers, advocates, and academics.

More information about the Task Force is here.



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