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The Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy Publishes Spring 2013 Issue

Publish Date/Time: 
May 31, 2013



Pitt's Journal of Technology Law & Policy recently published its most recent issue. Available exclusively online, the Journal of Technology Law & Policy is a student-produced journal of contemporary legal topics involving technology of all kinds. The Journal publishes two issues per year, one in the fall and one in the spring, and welcomes submissions of manuscripts from legal scholars, practicing attorneys and anyone who is interested in submitting appealing, technology related material. In addition, submissions on topics linked specifically to the Western District of Pennsylvania are of particular interest to the Journal and are very well-regarded.

This issue contains the second in the Journal's innovative "Staff Article" series, which shines a spotlight of short student-written papers on a particular law / technology / policy issue.  The new series focuses on the law and technology of mobile media, i.e., smart phones. 

Read the issue in its entirety here.  

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