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David Harris on Challenges to the Credibility of Accusing Witnesses in the Sandusky Case

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June 4, 2012

Professor David Harris told the Associated Press that the victims who will testify against former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky in his trial, which will begin this week, will have their credibility challenged.  With key events many years ago and no forensic evidence to confirm them, this will be a major hurdle for the prosecution.  But Professor Harris said that the cumulative weight of the evidence, from many different accusers, will help.  "View it as silt in a riverbed," Professor Harris said.  "The testimony will build up in layers.  So even if there are individual problems with the testimony of particular witnesses, the picture will fill in as a whole."  The story has run in news sources nationwide


Read the Associated Press story (this version is from the San Francisco Chronicle) here.  

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