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David Frakt's Forthcoming Article, "Direct Participation in Hostilities as a War Crime," Earns Praise

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July 19, 2012

Visiting Professor David Frakt's forthcoming article, "Direct Participation in Hostilities as a War Crime: America's Failed Efforts to Change the Law of War," 46 Valparaiso L. Rev. 729 (2012), received a glowing review on the leading international law blog, Opinio Juris.   The article discusses efforts to prosecute unlawful combatants in military commissions, including one of Professor Frakt's own clients, for fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The article was described by Professor Kevin Jon Heller as "a model of clarity, fairness and analytic precision."  The article also received the Lieber Society Richard R. Baxter Military Prize Certificate of Merit at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law. The Baxter Prize is a yearly competition which recognizes "a paper that significantly enhances the understanding and implementation of the law of war" "by an active member of the regular or reserve armed forces." 

See the full article by clicking here.  

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