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David Harris on Jordan Miles Case as Jury Selection Begins

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July 16, 2012

As jury selection begins in federal court in the Jordan Miles civil case against three Pittsburgh police officers, Professor David Harris commented on how the case has increased polarization between the police and the African American community.  Miles was a senior honors student at Pittsburgh CAPA High School when he encountered police as he walked home in the dark from his grandmother's house in the Homewood neighborhood.    The officers say they  identified themselves and ordered him to stop, thinking he was armed, but Miles fled and fought them; Miles said that three men not in uniform jumped out of an unmarked car and ran after him without identifying themselves as police officers, causing him to run.  Commenting in the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Professor Harris said that Jordan is “exactly the kind of young person that the community wants to produce" – a college-bound honor student with a squeaky-clean record.  The officers, meanwhile are "esteemed in the law enforcement community, at the very least, and they are honor students of another sort."


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