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David Harris Speaks at U.S. Dept. of Justice Conference on "A Measure of Justice"

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August 27, 2012

Professor David Harris spoke at a U.S. Department of Justice conference, entitled "A Measure of Justice: Forging Partnerships for Ensuring Equity," held August 23 through 25 in Washington, D.C.  The conference was co-sponsored by the Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity (CPLE) of UCLA; Professor Harris is a research associate of CPLE.  Conference attendees included law enforcement leadership from across the country and Justice Department lawyers who handle policing issues and litigation for the U.S. government, along with a small group of academics and analysts.  The task of the conference was to create an agenda and to chart a set of concrete steps to facilitate data collection and analysis for traffic and pedestrian stops by police, along with other management issues.  Among the attendees were Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez of the Civil Rights Division, and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin.



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