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August 2, 2013

For Monday, the first day of class in your first semester of your first year of Law School, the primary assignment for you in this class is just to hang in there, i.e. just be your awesome and/or cool selves.  (The “A” in Section A stands for “awesome.”  We put all of the awesome people in this section.  The “C” in Section C stands for “cool.”  We put all of the cool people in this section. Don’t tell Section B about this, by the way.  I’m not telling you what the “B” stands for.)

Anyway, get lots of sleep.  Don’t get stressed out.  Stay calm.  Stay focused.  Don’t listen to any scary stories that anyone might try to tell you about law school right now.  They're not true.  Well . . . okay . . . alright . . . even if they might be a little, teensy bit true, don't listen to them anyway.  Actually, you know what?  Come to think of it, don't listen to anything any of the upper-class law students tell you.  Really.  Nothing.  (You'll thank me for telling you this later.)

 In addition to awesome coolness, please “read” pages 1-7 in Jumpstart Criminal Law for our first class.  No big deal.  Not a lot in there to highlight and/or memorize.  We’re just getting started.  So, this week at least, just hang in there.  You know, be cooly awesome.

Wednesday’s assignment is also in Jumpstart Criminal Law, namely pages 27-38.  This assignment has a bit more “meat” to it.  And, in addition to that reading, please remain attentive to the continuing, semester-long attitudinal assignment (awesomeness and/or coolness ).

Look, here’s the deal: It will be all right.  No trick questions.  No humiliation.  Relax.  Take deep breaths.  Life is good.  You're going to be a lawyer.  Well . . . okay . . . alright . . . maybe you're going to be a lawyer.  Strike that.  Probably you're going to be a lawyer.  Okay . . . let's face it, there's some outside possibility that one or two of you might make it through all of this.

Anyway, we'll talk.

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