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Foundations of Intellectual Property Law Seminar - Madison

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August 19, 2013

Assignment for the First Day of Class 

The principal readings for the seminar will be drawn from Intellectual Property Stories (Jane C. Ginsburg & Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss eds., 2006).   Copies of the book should be available at the Pitt Book Center and at and  Each student should have a copy.

For the first meeting of the seminar, on Tuesday, August 27, read the following selections from that book:

 Jane C. Ginsburg and Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss, Introduction (pp. 1 – 7); and

 Douglas G. Baird, The Story of INS v. AP: Property, Natural Monopoly, and the Uneasy Legacy of a Concocted Controversy (pp. 9 – 35).

 Because Douglas Baird’s piece focuses on International News Service v. Associated Press, 248 U.S. 215 (1918), you may want to re-familiarize yourself with that case.  A copy can be downloaded from the seminar’s homepage (URL below).

In addition, for the first meeting come to class prepared to talk about a proposed topic for a seminar paper.  The seminar paper will consist of a detailed history and analysis of the impact of a leading older (pre-1981) American intellectual property case, in the style of the chapters that we will read in Intellectual Property Stories.  Your seminar paper topic, therefore, should begin with the selection of a leading case, and your reasons for selecting it. 

 The course homepage is at

 That is reachable via Prof. Madison’s homepage, which is

 Everything you need to know about the course is there.

 Important information about the course

Student use in the classroom of laptop computers and comparable devices (netbooks, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, etc. etc.) is prohibited, except during a student’s presentation of his or her work.   If you want to take notes in class, then please bring paper and something to write with.


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