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Arthur Hellman on Latest Chapter in Judicial Misconduct Investigation

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September 6, 2013

A year and a half after the Ninth Circuit Judicial Council initiated a judicial misconduct proceeding involving a Montana judge who forwarded a “racist” email involving President Barack Obama, it appears that the matter is under consideration at the national level – but there is no official word. The Great Falls (Montana) Tribune asked Pitt Law Professor Arthur D. Hellman, an expert on the federal judiciary, for his explanation.

According to the Tribune’s story, Hellman said the process to this point suggest the 9th Circuit’s initial investigation revealed findings more serious than an isolated incident involving a single distasteful email.

“I continue to believe that it has to be something more serious,” Hellman said. “The fact that the review process is continuing and that it has extended over this period of time suggests that. You don’t need a prolonged investigation like this to determine that one email constituted misconduct, particularly when that judge is no longer a judge.”

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