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REMINDER: ILS Speed Friending this Thursday

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September 24, 2013
ILS Speed Friending this Thursday Event will be on September 26, 2013 at 6pm.
This event is aimed at introducing the LLM students to the JD students in a fun and exciting way. We will meet in the first floor lobby of the Barco Building. The tables will be arranged in a circular manner, and there will be an LLM student on each table. We will have the JD students move from table to table and converse with the LLMs for 60 seconds at a time, trying to learn as much as possible about each one. When every JD has gotten to meet each LLM student, we will have a quiz game to find out which JD has learned most about the LLMs. The winners will get starbucks giftcards. Food will be provided. 
We would like to have all interested LLMs RSVP so we can send out questions for them to fill out for the game.
Thank you, and we hope to see everyone there!
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