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John Burkoff Comments on PA Supreme Court Decision Regarding Mandatory Life Sentences for Juveniles

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November 1, 2013

Professor John Burkoff commented both Pittsburgh daily newspapers about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's 4-3 decision that a U.S. Supreme Court decision finding mandatory life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional was not retroactive. In the Post-Gazette, Burkoff said, ""This is an important decision affecting lots of people in critical ways. I truly doubt that this will be the last word on the matter. I think that the U.S. Supreme Court will want to weigh in on this issue, and that there's every chance that this decision will be reversed." In the Tribune Review, Burkoff added, "The fact that there is mixed law in the states and mixed law in the lower courts only heightens the probability that the U.S. Supreme Court will resolve this conflict. This isn't the end of the issue. I'm sure it will go up.”

Read the Post-Gazette article here or the Tribune-Review article here.  

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