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Employment Discrimination - Bratman

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December 20, 2013

Our casebook is Avery, Employment Discrimination Law, 8th ed. There is also a course supplement packet (149 pages) available in the bookstore. Please sign up on the course TWEN page as well, as I will use it for posting important documents and for communicating by email to the whole class, once add/drop is over.  The reading assignment for our first class, Tue, Jan 7, is Supplement, pp. 1-6 and 35. The reading assignment for our second class, Thu, Jan 9, is Casebook, pp. 42-57 and Supplement, pp. 35-36, 66-70, and 74-79. (Pages 66-70 and 74-79 from the Supplement are not cases and are not heavy reading.)

I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday, January 7th.

Ben Bratman

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