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Douglas Branson on Sentences in Corporate Fraud Cases

W. Edward Sell Professor of Business Law Douglas M. Branson commented recently on JURIST on the sentences handed down in the Andrew Fastow and Bernard Ebbers corporate fraud cases.
What do we learn from this? One, corporate CEOs are much like ship captains: they may be blamed for everything that happens on their watch, whether they are complicit or not. Two, the much ballyhooed Department of Justice guidelines mean nothing in high profile white collar crime cases. They don't prevent lynching the less blameworthy; they also permit a mere slap on the wrist to the greedy, the sophisticated, and the stealthy if they turn state's evidence. Three, Ebbers should serve roughly the same as, or only a little more, or even a little less, time than should Andrew Fastow, at least if we are concerned about doing justice.
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