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John Burkoff and Lawrence Frolik on Law and Film

Essays by Professors Lawrence A. Frolik and John Burkoff are featured in the new book, Screening Justice - The Cinema of Law edited by Rennard Strickland, Terr E. Foster and Taunya Lovell Banks. The book, published by William S. Hein & Company, contains 50 essays on significant films dealing with law, order and social justice. Professor Frolik's essay, entitled "The Grapes of Wrath: Can Justice Be Found on Route 66?" is a thematic review of the 1940 Academy Award winning film, Grapes of Wrath directed by John Ford.  In his essay, " If God Wanted Lawyer to Fly, Shoe would Hve Given Them Wings: Life, Luck & Legal Ethics in Body Heat," Professor Burkoff examines the ethical failures the anti-hero lawyer protrayed in the 1981 film noir, Body Heat.
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