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John Burkoff on Welsh White

Our longtime Pitt Law colleague Welsh White passed away early in 2006. A series of remebrances is forthcoming in the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law and will be available at the journal website. Here are two excerpts from one piece, by Professor John Burkoff:
Welsh also was (and this is something that each and every one of our mutual colleagues knows as well) a very kind and a decent man. Not one of his colleagues disliked him. Not one. Oh, they disagreed with him from time to time, of course. Obviously. We're lawyers and law professors, after all. We disagree with each other as a matter of reflex. We're professional contrarians.But, agree or disagree, each and every one of my colleagues nonetheless respected Welsh and his views and his opinions. And they did this in large part because they knew-they knew!-that each and every one of his positions on the matters that came before us was expressed from the heart. . . .
Welsh White cared that we not devolve into criminals ourselves in the way in which we treat those actually convicted of crimes. To my mind, and I know to many of you as well, Welsh was in that regard-in that conviction that he possessed and acted upon-not just a good and decent man: he was truly a hero as well. And even more than that, he was a patriot. He treasured our American constitutional values, and he didn't just talk about them, he actually went out and he fought for them.
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