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Jules Lobel on Terrorism and Deportation

Professor Jules Lobel commented recently on JURIST on the Arar deportation case:
The Canadian Commission report thus underscores the problems with the "preventive paradigm" that has become the key tool of the United States government's war on terror, of which extraordinary rendition is but one tactic. First, the preventive paradigm allows the government to use force and coercion against individuals and other states based on suspicions and not hard evidence. Thousands of innocent people like Arar thus get caught in the government's dragnet. Second, the paradigm relies on methods such as torture or inhumane treatment to obtain information which the government believes can not be obtained by normal police methods such as surveillance. Since Canada could not openly torture Arar, we sent him to Syria, which would. Finally, these coercive preventive measures rely on secrecy and lack of accountability.
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