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Dean Mary Crossley has designated as Distinguished Faculty Scholars six Pitt Law faculty members: Professors Deborah Brake, Ron Brand, Pat Chew, Vivian Curran, Larry Frolik, and David Harris. This title reflects the recognition of each individual as a scholar and expert at the very highest levels of his or her field.

The Pitt Law Women's Association (PLWA) honored Linda Osberg-Braun the annual Marjorie Matson Award at a ceremony on April 1, 2010.

Professor David Harris discussed airport security and the use of racial profiling in a report on CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, April 11, 2010. The report surveyed recent changes in airport security in light of the Christmas Day attempt to bomb a passenger jet landing in Detroit.

Professor Lawrence Frolik is receiving a 2010 Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service Award from the University of Pittsburgh.  In making the award, the selection committee noted his outstanding public service contributions to both persons with disabilities and older adults, which have flowed from his teaching and scholarship, and noted that Professor Frolik is considere

Professor Haider Ala Hamoudi has been awarded the American Society of Comparative Law’s Hessel Yntema Prize for the best scholarly article published in the American Journal of Comparative Law in 2008 by a scholar under the age of 40.

Scotland Duncan ('09) wins first place for his paper entitled "Dura's Effect on Securities Class Actions" in the 2009 ABA Section of Business Law Mendes Hershman Student Writing Contest.

A paper Pilar Kraman (’08) wrote while a student was selected as the winning entry in the annual writing competition sponsored by the ABA’s Criminal Justice publication and was published in that periodical.

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Mary Akhimien (’09) won first place for her paper entitled “Game Over:  How Diversity Has Become a Game Corporate American Can No Longer Afford to Lose,” which she presented at the National Black Graduate Student Conference in Houston.

Professor Peter Oh’s article, The Dutch Auction Myth, 42 Wake Forest L. Rev. 853 (2007), was selected via peer review as one of the top 10 securities law articles published in 2008 and will be reprinted in a forthcoming issue of the Securities Law Review.

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Professor John Burkoff was selected to receive a 2009 Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service Award from the University of Pittsburgh. 

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