Lawyering in Real TimeLawyering in Real Time: JURIST WORKSHOP

Class Term: 
Spring Term 2018-2019
Catalog Number: 
Class Schedule: 
4:30 pm
6:20 pm
Graduation Requirements: 
"W" Writing
Enrollment Limit: 
Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
Additional Information: 

Students will be taught

  • how to quickly obtain primary documents and other reliable information directly from courts and other legal players;
  • how to keep up with rapidly changing and accumulating information streams as legal issues develop and shift in real time;
  • how to effectively read, filter and evaluate masses of unfamiliar online material;
  • how to differentiate fact and opinion;
  • how to identify, avoid and combat misinformation;
  • how to leverage a variety of online tools to write and communicate with legal audiences of various sorts (e.g. clients, policymakers, the public);
  • how to present information effectively and argue persuasively in online environments; and
  • how to work with colleagues and peers in “virtual teams” delivering information and services over long and short distances under heavy time pressure.

There is no textbook for this workshop. Instead, students can find all assigned readings online or on reserve at the library reference desk.

Grading Details: 

Grading will be based on in-class individual and team research exercises and a series of short weekly written assignments. Frequent and intensive feedback will be provided to help students improve as the semester progresses.