University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: Pitt Law's Backyard

Watch Pitt Law students discuss the best qualities Pittsburgh brings to the Pitt Law experience, the charms of the city, and the advantages Pittsburgh can bring post-graduation. Check out the video here.

A combination of safety, low cost of living, cultural institutions and natural beauty have made Pittsburgh a vibrant place to call home for Pitt Law. In this video, Pitt Law students discuss their thoughts on the Steel City, what makes life here unique, fun, easy, and professionally rewarding. Pittsburgh for several years has topped lists from The Economist, Forbes and even National Geographic as one of the most livable cities in America and as a world destination. This is a huge change for a city with a sizeable diaspora from decades of population loss in the 20th century, echoed by many rustbelt cities in America. But now the 21st century has brought new developments and opportunities. The University of Pittsburgh and the School of Law's sizeable footprint anchors a city with a major legal presence and community with firms big and small alike headquartered here. The new opportunities of Pittsburgh are sometimes why students come from afar and decide they wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

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