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Courses Offered / Not Offered





·         Adoption Law Seminar (3)(Wasserman)

·         Advanced Bankruptcy (3)(Fitzgerald/Deller)

·         Advanced Fourth Amendment Seminar (3)(J. Burkoff)

·         Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice Policy Seminar (3)(Harris)

·         Advanced Legal Research (3) (Pike and Faculty Librarians)

·         Artificial Intelligence & Law (3)(Ashley)

·         Criminal Defense Practicum (3) (Allman/Morey)

·         Elder Law (3)(Frolik)(taught every other year)

·         Employment Law for Entrepreneurs Seminar (3)(Chew)

·         Estate and Gift Tax (3)(Infanti)

·         European Private Law (1)(Torsello)

·         Gender and Law Seminar (3)(Brake)

·         Global Health Capstone Course (2)(Barnard)

·         Health Law & Bioethics Seminar (3)(Meisel)

·         Information Privacy Seminar (3)(Pike)

·         International Arbitration (3)(Djordjevic/Pavic/Orlandi)

·         International Human Rights (3)(Rist)(taught every other year)

·         Introduction to Russian & Uzbek Legal Systems (2)(Stepanova-Sipper)(taught every other year)

·         Jurisprudence Seminar: The Common Law, the Very Idea (3) (Ross)

·         Juvenile Law Seminar (3)(McCarthy)

·         Law and International Public Policy Seminar (3)(Hibbitts)

·         Law and Memory Seminar (3)(Curran)

·         Law, Entertainment, and Social Enterprise Practicum (2)(Dangel)

·         Lawyering:  A History (3)(Hibbitts)

·         Legal Process in Latin America (2)(Barker)(taught every other year)

·         Litigation with Federal Government (3)(Luneburg)

·         Scientific Evidence (3)(Slack)

·         Seminar TBD (3)(Branson)

·         Special Education Law (2) (Morris)




                       COURSES NOT OFFERED IN 2010-11 OFFERED IN 2009-10


·         Accounting for Lawyers (1)(Bononi)

·         ADR Advanced Legal Writing (3)(Brostoff/Sinsheimer)(taught every other year)

·         Advanced Topics in Patent Law Seminar (3)(Mueller)

·         Ancient Law Seminar (3)(Hibbitts)

·         Bioethics & Law (3)(Meisel)

·         Community Economic Development Clinic (3)(Friedson)

·         Comparative Conflict of Laws (1)(Behr)

·         Corporate Finance (3)(Oh)(taught every other year)

·         Criminal Defense & Prosecutorial Ethics Seminar (3)(J. Burkoff)

·         Criminal Law Aspects of the European Court (1)(Mooy)

·         Cyberspace & Law (3)(Ashley)

·         Effective Research Strategies for the Practitioner (1)(Pike)

·         Employee Benefits (3)(Frolik)(taught every other year)

·         Food & Drug Law (1)(Greenberg)(taught every other year)

·         Foreign Affairs Seminar (3)(Lobel)

·         Healthcare Fraud & Abuse (1)(Boyle)(taught every other year)

·         Human Rights Litigation (3)(Lobel)

·         Intellectual Property Licensing (2)(Watt-Morse)(taught every other year)

·         International Trade Law (3)(OseiTutu)

·         IP & Fair Use Seminar (3)(Pike)

·         Jurisprudence Seminar: Law’s Nihilists (3)(Ross)

·         Labor Law (2)(Schroeder)

·         Law & Globalization Seminar (3)(Curran)

·         Overcoming Subtle Sexism/Subtle Racism Seminar (3)(Chew)

·         Real Estate Transactions (3)(Clowney)

·         State Building & the Law (1)(Osmani)

·         Terrorism and the Law (2)(Rist)(taught every other year)

·         Title IX Seminar (3)(Brake)


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