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Recruiting Events

During fall and spring recruiting, employers are able to interview students both on and off campus for summer and permanent positions. Additionally, we collect student résumés and forward them to interested employers, or we ask select students to send their résumés directly to employers who are not able to conduct on-campus interviews. Those employers will then directly contact the students they wish to interview in their offices. We also schedule out-of-town trips to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., so students can interview with employers in these locales.

Fall Recruiting

The fall recruitment season generally runs from August through November, during which time employers review résumés and conduct interviews for employment opportunities the following summer. Employers who are able to hire far in advance of their needs, like large law firms, government agencies, and corporations, tend to participate in on-campus interviewing (OCI) in the fall.

Spring Recruiting

Unlike the larger employers who participate in fall OCI, the many small and mid-size law firms and corporate legal departments recruiting in the spring (generally January through the beginning of May) do not follow a formal hiring process. Rather, some employers post positions on Symplicity and select students to interview at their offices. Other employers interview on campus, and still others don’t post positions and instead expect students to apply to them directly.

Federal and state judges typically hire summer judicial externs in the spring. Postgraduate judicial clerkship positions are posted year-round, with the majority of state courts hiring in the spring. Most public interest organizations hire for summer and postgraduate positions in the late winter and early spring.

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