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Beginning in a student's first year, as of November 1, and available throughout a graduate's career, the Career Services Office offers the following services


An identified network of attorneys located on the law school's Extranet allows students to contact attorney volunteers to gain information about a legal and non-traditional career paths, specific practice areas, professional values and responsibilities, and insight about the current legal market in certain geographic locations.


Individual counseling sessions provide advice on legal career opportunities, externships, job search strategies, resume and cover letter drafting and editing, networking skills, interviewing skills and researching organizations and positions. Stop by the office, schedule an appointment, or send an email inquiry.


Computer terminals are available in the Career Services Resource Center for student and alumni job searching purposes. These computers offer Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word. Several job searching sites are bookmarked as favorites. Instruction on performing career related on-line research is provided upon request. A laser printer and copy machine can be used to prepare job-related documents, such as cover letters and resumes. A fax machine is available for sending job-related faxes.


Pitt Law is invited to participate in numerous job fairs throughout the year. These job fairs present students with the opportunity to interview with multiple employers at a given date and location. Information concerning these job fairs can be found on: (1) the Career Services Office website, (2) hard copy binders located in the Career Services Resource Center, and (3) Symplicity,  our comprehensive online job posting and web-based recruiting system.  


The Career Services Office apprises students of specific job positions and career fairs via: (1)   Symplicity,  our comprehensive online job posting and web-based recruiting system, which posts jobs for both students and  alumni   , (2) hard copy binders located in the Career Services Resource Center, and (3) bulletin boards outside the CSO.


The Career Services Office offers a series of handouts to assist with each step of a job search. Topics including Getting Started, Timing Recommendations, Researching Employers, Networking, Cover Letters, Law School Resumes, and Thank You Letters, among others, are located on the CSO website. The CSO prints a 1L Handbook, which provides an orientation to the CSO, outlines how to conduct a job search, and provides sample application materials. The CSO's Judicial Clerkship Application Guide is available on the CSO web page and in the Career Services Resources Center. This Guide is designed to explain the process of applying for federal, state and local judicial clerkships.


The Career Services Office conducts video-taped mock interviews with students and alumni at any time during the year. A structured Mock Interview Program is held at the beginning of the Fall Semester for 2Ls and 3Ls and at the beginning of the Spring Semester for 1Ls.


In addition to providing individual career counseling, the Career Services Office sponsors career programs on topics such as judicial clerkships, public interest careers, various practice areas and employer types, and job searching skills. Please see the Calendar of Events for a complete listing of this semester's programs. If your student organization would like to sponsor a career program in conjunction with the CSO, please contact us.


Students and alumni can use the resources at other law school career services offices depending on the specific law school's policy. This can be especially helpful during holiday and summer vacations. After graduation, reciprocity can be helpful if you permanently relocate outside of the Pittsburgh area. Students and alumni interested in obtaining reciprocity need to request the arrangement through the Pitt Law Career Services Office. A binder containing various law schools' policies is located in the Career Services Resource Center.


Fall and Spring recruiting enables employers to interview students both on and off campus for summer and permanent positions. Additionally, student resumes are collected and forwarded to interested employers, or students are requested to send their resumes directly to employers who are not able to conduct on-campus interviews. Those employers will then directly contact the students they wish to interview in their offices. Out-of-town trips to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. are scheduled so that students can interview with employers in these locales. Additional information is available on the CSO web page.


The Career Services Resource Center has an ever-increasing resource library with materials relevant to all types of employers and all areas of practice. Circulating and non-circulating directories and career planning and strategy materials provide contact names and addresses for employers of interest. Individual employer files contain information regarding law firms, corporations, public interest organizations, and federal and state government agencies.

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