State-by-State Bar Exam Information: Kansas

Bar Information


Key Dates

When is the Bar Exam: 

The last Tue and Wed of February and July

When is the application for the July exam made available: 

After November 16th

By when is the application for the July exam due?: 

March 15 (Late applications are accepted until April 15 but require a $200 late fee.)

Exam Details

What tests and types of questions are on the bar exam?: 
NOTE: As of February 2016 Kansas will begin administering the Uniform Bar Exam

Is it possible to take the written portions of the exam on a laptop computer?: 

Yes, but only a limited number of applicants will be able to do so. Policy is first come, first serve.

Are past exam questions and sample answers available?: 

Questions: yes Answers: no The Kansas Board of Law Examiners has advised us that the past exam questions are available through either of the two Kansas law schools--the University of Kansas or Washburn.

How is the exam scored?: 



What was the first-time taker pass rate for the most recent July bar exam? : 

2012: 89%; 2011: 88%

What was the overall pass rate for all takers of the most recent July bar exam?: 

2012: 86%; 2011: 85%